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When you go beyond in everything you do, there are no limits to what you can achieve in life. Kim Cleghorn is living proof.

“Transforming Lives One House at a Time.” Five simple words, yet such a powerful life philosophy for lifelong Bay Area resident Kim Cleghorn. Anyone who knows Kim will tell you she certainly “goes beyond” in everything she does. Whether it’s devoting three months of her life to earning her yoga teacher certification in Hawaii or pushing her physical endurance to the limits in bodybuilding competitions or helping her clients as a longtime leading businesswoman, Kim approaches each new challenge with this bold mindset and never settles for the status quo.

What’s Next?

As far back as she can remember, Kim has always demonstrated an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and growth. Her desire to constantly learn and improve is matched only by her youthful energy. This powerful combination led her to earn two bachelor’s degrees as well as her MBA in Finance. But to Kim, the diplomas aren’t nearly as important as what the continual growth they represent. “The term ‘metamorphosis’ has a very important meaning in my life,” Kim says. “I feel like my life is constantly unfolding and reinventing itself. I always want to go beyond – beyond whatever challenge is set before me.”






More Communities: El Cerrito, Richmond, Hercules and Pinole
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Kim is very knowledgeable I came to the right person to sell my house,

she’s up front and honest and always has the sellers best interest my house.

was sold this month in 2023 a big relief off my shoulders.

I’m happy thank you again Kim

- Roshawnda (Seller)

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